How to Use the FISD WatchDOGS Sign-Up Sheet Template

Please note that Event and Sign-Up services on the platform will be discontinued in October 2018.  If you haven’t already set-up your 2018-19 WatchDOGS sign-ups, we recommend you consider another sign-up service like or  If you have already setup your 2018-19 WatchDOGS sign-up on please see the steps below for tips on moving your signup to  You will also be receiving an e-mail with a link to this page along with contact and support info if you need additional help in transferring your sign-up.  Please contact us at if you don’t receive the e-mail or if you have any questions.

Tips for Setting Up a WatchDOGS Sign-Up on SignUpGenius:

1. Go to, create an account and login

2. In the upper left, click on the green “Create A Sign-Up” button.  Fill in the fields for name, description, etc. and click “Continue”

3. Choose your desired theme.  If you want to include a picture of the WatchDOGS logo, click the checkbox for “Use my own custom image…” follow the instructions and click “Continue”

4. For type of event Choose “Recurring”, then in the box that opens, fill in the Start date, times, and location.  In the middle column click the circle for “Repeat Every Week for days” and check the boxes for the weekdays you want volunteers. Enter the last date (in May) that you want WatchDOGS volunteers” then click “Continue”

5. Under “Title of Slot”, enter “WatchDOGS Volunteer”.  Leave “#Wanted” as “1” if you only want one per day.  Change to “2” if you want two volunteers per day. Leave the “All Dates” circle selected.  Click Continue

6. Under “Ask Participants for” choose the info you’d like.  On the Sagepoint sign-ups, there were fields for Name, E-mail, Phone, and Child’s Name, Grade, Teacher.  On SignUp Genius, click “Add a Custom Question” and fill in the fields with “Childs Name, Grade, Teacher”, etc. to collect this info (Note: do not put an apostrophe in “Childs” as the system doesn’t like them.

7. Set your preferences and click continue.  You will now see a preview of your sign-up. At the top Click “Edit Further”.

8. Click Tab 3 (Dates/Times) and check the boxes under “Delete” for the dates no WatchDOGS are needed, i.e. holidays, teacher workdays, etc.  Link to 2018-19 FISD Calendar for reference.  Then click “Delete Selected” at the top.  Confirm the delete then on the resulting page click, “Update” at the bottom.

Add any e-mails you want invites sent to or simply click “Invite/Publish” at this point to get a link that can be e-mailed to your dads and/or added to your WatchDOGS website page.

If you have dads that are already signed up for the year via paper or a Sagepoint sign-up, add their info to the sign-up before e-mailing the info or sharing the link.  To do this, click on the sign-up you just saved/published to view it.  For the dates you have dad’s signed up, click on the “Sign-Up” button and then click “Submit and sign-up” at the bottom.  Next to “Sign-Up as” click on the text “this isn’t me”.  Now fill in the info for the person who is signed up. Click “Sign-Up Now” and repeat for the next person.

If you need help pulling your data from Sagepoint, please visit the following pages or e-mail

Instructions for Printing Out Your Sign-Up Sheet

Instructions for Exporting Your Sign-Up Items, Tasks & Volunteer Sign-Ups

Instructions for Exporting Your E-mail Addresses







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