How to Use the FISD WatchDOGS Sign-Up Sheet Template

The following instructions and templates are based on the Frisco ISD 2018-19 school year calendar. For Top Dogs who wish to edit the dates, instructions are included below in the “NOTES” section.

Key features of the template include the following:
– Pre-loaded with 2018-19 Frisco ISD school days
– Emails an automatic reminder to the volunteer two(2) days before the day he is signed up for  (# of days can be changed)
– Option for the TopDog/Organizer(s) to receive an e-mail notification whenever a WatchDOGS volunteer signs-up or changes his date.
– Supports self-service sign ups and assignment to/editing of assigned dates by the TopDog/Organizer(s)

To use the template, follow the instructions below. These include the following:
A. How to Copy & Customize the template for your school
B. How to Create a Custom Link(URL) for use on handouts, flyers, webpages, facebook, etc.
C. How to Recruit via E-mail Invitations
D. How to Recruit and Sign Up Volunteers at Events
E. How to Add Additional Organizers/Admins to the Sign-Up Sheet

Also available: How to Recognize PTA & WatchDOGs Sponsors Using the SpiritAd(R) Banners


1. To use the sample sign-up sheet for 1 volunteer per day, click on the following link:
To use the sample sign-up sheet for 2 volunteers per day, click on

2. Scroll to the bottom of the sign-up sheet and click on the orange “Copy Event” button.

3. You should now see a form titled “Step 1: Basic Information”
a. For the “Event Name:” and “Description” box contents replace (Copy of) “Your School” “ with the name of your school, i.e. if you’re the Bledsoe Top Dog, the Event Name should read “Bledsoe WatchDOGS”
b. Go down to the “Location” field and enter your school name, i.e. Bledsoe Elementary. To enter the school’s street address, click on the orange “Click Here”
c. Go down to the “Organizer” field: Enter your name, e-mail and phone number
d. Leave all the other fields as is and click the orange “Save Draft” button.

4. You will now be asked to create a free account on Sagepoint
a. Click on “Join for Free Here”, fill out the form, and click “Create Account”
b. Go to your e-mail and look for an “Account Activation” e-mail from Click the link in the e-mail to activate your account.

This link can be used on flyers and handouts or added to social media pages, websites, and e-mails.
1. Go to and login using the e-mail and password you just created.

2. Your “Home” dashboard will display. You should see “Your school name” WatchDOGS listed in the “Your Events” area in the center. Click on your sign-up, i.e. “Your school name” WatchDOGS to view the event.

3. Click on “Event Link: Create a Link” to create a custom name for your sign-up sheet, i.e.

1. After closing the Event Link pop-up (if you have just completed Step B above), scroll to the bottom of the sign-up and click on “Edit.” OR if you are on the Home dashboard, ”Click on the pencil icon to the right of your event name to edit.
2. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Edit Guests & Options”. Cut and paste your e-mail address list (emails may be separated by commas or semi-colons) and click “Add”
3. Click “Save & Send”, this will send an e-mail to all your recipients asking them to sign-up as a volunteer.

D. HOW TO SIGN UP VOLUNTEERS AT AN EVENT: If you would like to sign-up WatchDOGS at the pizza party or another event, here are three options:

OPTION 1: Using the Custom URL Link
I. Display or pass out the Custom URL Link created in B. above.
ii.  Volunteers can go to the link and click on the green “Sign-Up” button for the desired date.  They will be asked to create an account, confirm their e-mail and login.
iii.  Once they have done this they will be able to enter their info into the sign-up pop-up and “sign up” for the selected date.
iv. Optional: Hold the mouse over the “Taken” button that is subsequently displayed to see their name/e-mail
BENEFIT OF THIS OPTION:  All volunteer e-mail addresses are verified so they can receive automated reminders and other group message you send.

OPTION 2: Using an IPAD, PC, or other internet connected device on which you are logged into Sagepoint
i. Login to your Sagepoint account
ii. View the sign-up sheet, by clicking on it
iii. Have volunteers, click on Sign Up for the date they want to sign-up for, enter their information in the pop-up, and click “Sign-Up” to save their info.
NOTE: In this case Volunteers do not need to create their own accounts.  However, e-mail addresses will not be verified as they are in Option 1.  Therefore any typos will result in volunteers not receiving their reminders or other group messages you may send.
OPTION 3: Using paper
i. Prior to the event, login and click on the sign-up to “View” it. In the upper right corner, click on “Printable View”.
ii. Take the printout to the event and have people sign-up (Ask them to include Child’s Name, Grade, Teacher in the Notes field.)
iii. When you get back to your computer, login to Sagepoint and click on the sign-up to “View”
iv. Click on the green “Sign Up” button  for each selected date and enter the information of the person who signed-up for that day. Click “Sign-up” to save the info and close the pop-up, then do the same for the remaining sign-ups.

E. HOW TO ADD ADDITIONAL ORGANIZERS/ADMINS: If you would like to share sign-up sheet admin views and features with your principal, school admin or other co-coordinators, just do the following after logging into Sagepoint:
1. From your “Home” tab page, find “Your school name” WatchDOGS listed in the “Your Events” area in the center. Click on your sign-up, i.e. “Your school name” WatchDOGS to view the event.
2. Scroll down to the “Invite Others” section and enter the e-mail address of the person(s) you’d like to add as admin(s).
3. Check the checkbox for “Add as Co-Organzer”.
4. Click the orange “Invite” button.
The folks you have invited will receive an e-mail letting them know they have been added and when they login to Sagepoint they will have admin privileges.  When you view the list of e-mails in “edit” mode, you will also see a “*” next to the e-mail addresses of all the admins for the sign-up sheet.

EDITING SIGN-UPS: If WatchDOGS are needed for all school days, there should be no need to edit the sign-up dates and times. However, if you would like to make changes, add slots, edit reminders, etc., just click on the pencil icon and then click on Edit “Sign-Up Tasks”.
I. To remove certain dates, there are two options:
a. Click the red circle icon to delete OR
b. Click on the edit pencil icon for that date, then enter “0”(zero) in “How Many”.  This will leave the date showing on the sign-up in case you need to add it back later, but no sign-up button will display.
II. To change the number of sign-ups for a date, repeat step b. and enter the new quantity in “How Many”
OTHER EVENTS: You can also use the free Sagepoint tools to create invites, sign-ups, or schedules for other WatchDOGS events specific to your school or for any other groups you are involved with.  See the “Using Sagepoint” page for instructions and tutorials.

If you  and/or your PTA recruit sponsors to help fund the pizza party, t-shirts or other program costs, it’s easy to add sponsor recognition listings to your WatchDOGS sign-up sheet and/or website via SpiritAd banners. SpiritAd features can also be used to help generate additional revenue for your group.  For an example, see the 2015-16 Bledsoe sign-ups at and

For more info and instructions on setting up your own SpiritAd sponsor banners go to  “Using the WatchDOGS Sponsorship Template”.

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