Your sign-up sheet including description, items, tasks, and/or volunteer info can be printed as follows:

1. Go to and login using the e-mail and password you used to create your account.

2. Your “Home” dashboard will display a list of your next ten upcoming events.  You should see “(Your Event Name)”, i.e. “Fun Festival Volunteers” listed in the “Your Events & Sign-Ups” area in the center.  Click on the name of your event to view the contents.

a. If you have more than ten upcoming events, click on the “Events” tab to see ALL your events.
b. To see Past Events, click on “Past” in the blue header above your events.

3. In you Event View, click on the orange Printable View button located to the right of your Event title. This will display a printable version of the information. Select the sections you’d like to print, i.e. Event Details, Directions, etc. and click the gray “Print” button.