To invite or recruit people via e-mail, add their addresses to your event, sign-up, or schedule.

By adding their e-mail addresses, they will automatically receive an e-mail invitation that includes the event information and a personalized URL link.  They can simply click on the link to RSVP or sign-up.  There is no need for them to create a Sagepoint account.

They will also receive any updates you send and automated reminders you set up.

When “Creating” your event:
This will be the last step.  The form will be entitled “Invite Others”.  Follow the steps below under  “To Add E-mail addresses to your Event”.

When adding e-mail addresses to a previously created event:
i. Go to and login.
ii. Click the “Home” tab to display a list of your upcoming events.  You should see “(Your Event Name)”, i.e. “Fun Festival Volunteers” listed in the “Your Events” area in the center. (If you have a lot of events and don’t see your event on the “Home” dashboard, click on the “Events” tab to see ALL your events.)
”Click on the pencil icon to the right of your event name to edit.
iii.  Scroll to the bottom and click on “Edit Guests & Options”.

To Add E-mail Addresses to Your Event:
1. In the entry field, enter the e-mail addresses and click the “Add” button.  E-mail addresses can be entered as follows:

  • Individually
  • Cut and paste a comma or semi-colon separated list of e-mails
  • Select from your Sagepoint Contact List

2. When you have finished entering e-mails, click “Save & Send” to send your invitation.   OR click “Save a Draft” to save the e-mails and send later.  You may add e-mails and “Save a Draft” as many times as you like before clicking “Save & Send”.


Adding more people

Once you have clicked “Save & Send”, additional people can be invited at any time by following the instructions to “Add e-mails to a previously created event” above.  When you click “Save & Send” all newly added people will be sent an invitation.

Saving to your contact list

The e-mails that you add are automatically saved to your Sagepoint contact list for future use.

Auto-Creating a Group

To automatically create a Group from the e-mails you have added to your event,

i. Click the “Event” tab to display a list of your events.  Locate the desired event, i.e. “Fun Festival Volunteers”.  ”Click on the pencil icon to the right of your event name to edit.
ii.  Scroll to the bottom and click on “Edit Guests & Options”.
iii.  Under your list of e-mails, you will see a checkbox labeled “Create/Add To a group from these contacts named (Name of Your Event)” Click the checkbox to check it.  The group name defaults to the name of your event.  You may also edit the field to use a different name.
iv.  Scroll to the bottom and Click “Save & Send” or “Save Draft” to save.

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