FREE online sign-up sheet, schedule, event and fundraising tools

…ALL in one place

Web address: www.sagepoint.com


Sagepoint is a flexible online organizer operated by  a group of active parents, friends and volunteers.  Together we have spent thousands of hours volunteering, fundraising, organizing, and coordinating activities, events, people, and pets.  Our goal is to provide a site that makes it easier for people to connect with their community networks to “get things done”… so we can all spend less time coordinating and more time enjoying our lives.  

Whether you volunteer for school, church, work, or neighborhood needs, participate in youth, community or non-profit activities, fundraise, support causes, pursue personal interests, run a business, or simply want to spend time with family and friends, the Sagepoint online organizer makes it easier for you to “get things done”.  

Key features  include:

  • customizable online sign-up sheets, schedules, and invitations
  • customizable online fundraisers
  • ability to add your own photos, illustrations, and logos
  • self-maintaining sponsor banners to monetize group websites and pages
  • customizable reminders and alerts
  • automated response tracking
  • integrated maps and directions
  • group pages
  • customizable URL links
  • printable views
  • exportable CSV files
  • sharable personal calendar
  • and more…          

Click here for Examples

or go to Sagepoint, create an account, and try out the tools for yourself.

Check Sagepoint out now!

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