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Scarlet Honeycutt

Scarlet HoneycuttMy name is Scarlet Honeycutt.  I am a part-time CPA and full-time mom.  I have had two children’s books published.  My biggest royalty check so far is $62.00 (definitely not best sellers).  I taught a year of pre-school because I thought it looked easy.  I was wrong.  I also took the lunch lady job at the elementary school for a total of 2 weeks.  It looked easy too, ha ha.   This year I started a small business called Santa The Fan with my daughter Whitney.  We dress and sell Santas and ragdolls.   Yes, I’m a little scattered in my interests.

 I’m on the down side of 50 and have two adult children in college living at home.  Whitney is 21 and Eric is 18.  Yep, that empty nest thing hasn’t happened yet.   I’m obsessed with everything Christmas and start decorating in September.  I love watching the trick-or-treaters’ faces when they see the tree when I open the door.  I have a wonderful husband who supports all my crazy whims.  We have two Chihuahuas, 15 year old Hershey (the devil in a dog suit), and 8 year old Blondie (she thinks we are the pets) .   I was born and raised in Austin and the only other place I would like to live is the North Pole.

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