Eric’s Success Story


A photo from Eric’s First Game & Last Game

With Social Media it seems we see the best and worst of everything.  In sports, if someone makes it, we see the best.  We see the photo of the pro player as a child with the Little League trophy, or the announcer talks about what a stand-out this kid has been his entire life.  We seldom hear about the athlete that struggled, unless we read a book or happen to see his documentary. Wouldn’t it be nice if we saw how the “success story” actually came about?  Here is my son’s success story…

At 2 ½ years old Eric was big for his age and my husband thought he had the future Heisman Trophy winner.  Well, that changed when an x-ray showed congenital scoliosis.  Contact sports were out.  Baseball became Eric’s love, and he began playing at the age of 4.  He ended his high school career being named MVP of his high school baseball team, 1st Team All District, 1st Team All State and 2nd Team All Centex.  One would think he had it great.  What you need to know about are the struggles that Eric encountered along the way:

  • He had to have 2 major back surgeries for congenital scoliosis.  One landed him in the hospital for 3 weeks with a staph infection.
  •   He was told he wasn’t good enough to even try out for the select team at the field we originally played at.
  •  He was cut from a team because they wanted a centerfielder, and their chosen centerfielder came with a friend that played Eric’s position, first base.  Eric was out.
  • He was told by his high school coach that even though he was one of his best hitters he wasn’t planning on playing him.

We transferred schools his senior year in high school to give him the opportunity to prove himself.  He wanted baseball bad enough to do anything to play it.  After a great senior season, Eric ended up receiving a college scholarship to play baseball at Harding University.

 Just remember if you love something enough, and work hard enough at it, you can achieve it.

Take a look at this video about Famous Failures and keep reaching for your goals! 

– submitted by Scarlet Honeycutt

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