A dear friend talked me into helping with a dinner preparation for Mobile Loaves and Fishes after school program.  I thought to myself, “I don’t cook for my own family, why would I want to go and put together 150 hotdog dinners?”  I went and actually had a really great time with great people.  When we were done the hotdog dinners were bagged and left for volunteers to deliver to a local elementary school.  I never really gave any thought to where the dinners went after we were done. 

I am a Facebook addict and the other day saw a post from a friend that read, “It was hotdog day today and you would have thought it was steak and lobster!  Thank you, Mobile Loaves and Fishes.”  The post was from a teacher at the school where the dinners were delivered.  Without those dinners someone wouldn’t have had anything to eat.  All of a sudden my little hour and a half one day a month means something.  Just think if everyone gave just an hour and a half one day a month.  A lot of nothings add up to something really great — Scarlet Honeycutt

 MLF PictureNote: This post describes the wonderful effect of the Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF) after school program in Austin, Texas. In conjunction with the Free & Reduced Meal Program at their schools, MLF provides free sack dinners for elementary children and the whole family as the kids are picked up from school. To help support this effort, MLF is hosting the Third Annual Family 5K & Kids Fun Run on May 4, 2014. For more information, and to sponsor this event, please go to www.mlffamily5k.org.

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